Meet RLY.
Being perfect sucks. Let’s get real.

At RLY, we know that life is complicated, messy, and definitely fun. That’s why we’re totally over super-curated social media. We believe that social media should be authentic and show off the Real Life You.

Real life is in motion. So, let’s stop posing.

A Little About Us

The Company

Inspired by hundreds of conversations with other young social media users, who were looking for a more authentic and expressive experience, our team set out to build a new social media app. The result is RLY—a place for the Real Life You.

Our new iOS app takes your Live Photos and turns them into Loops (looping 3-second clips). You can also capture Reels with our special in-app camera. You can post Reels to your profile or create groups to share Reels with just your friends, giving you more privacy.


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